About Us

Who We Are?

We are you! A Mom, a Dad, attempting to provide our children the necessary resources for their success. We are parents who help our children with sight words, math problems and science experiments.  We attend parent teacher conferences and although many positive remarks, always walk out wondering what we can do to help our kids get to the next reading level, improve their comprehension skills or simply spark an interest in science. We are also the parents that bring juice boxes and treats to class when it’s their birthday and do everything possible to let our kids know they are loved. Goody Caddy was created with our children in mind. Our mission is to provide goody boxes containing educational crafts or supplies that can be used in a classroom setting, during homework time, or keep the birthday kid and guests busy for a couple hours, while learning something new or ingraining something not yet mastered.  Goody Caddy, let’s level up and party!