Educational Crafts and Supplies for Kids

Enhance your child’s development while providing a treat and a useful educational craft as a party favor with Goody Caddy. We are your partners in ensuring that your kid feels loved on his or her special day. Aside from that, we also aim to help you develop your child’s abilities—while having fun!

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide children with materials that will reinforce lesson plans, develop in them an interest for the arts and sciences, or simply encourage them to learn a new skill. Instead of giving them candy and plastic toys with zero benefits, we offer them convenient, guilt-free goody boxes that contain useful supplies for fun projects. They can be used in the classroom by sponsoring a craft in your child’s name or as a party craft.

How We Started

Parents strive to do even the impossible for their kids despite the lack of time. When our founders’ son started attending Pre-K, they wanted to follow the norm and bring juice boxes and treats to class for their child’s birthday. However, they soon realized how time-consuming this seemingly small task was. They had to pick up juice boxes, cookies, and prepare goody bags, which is very doable when you don’t lack time, but is there ever a time we don’t lack it?

Why Purchase Our Goody Bags?

Learning Can Sometimes Get Messy

We believe that we learn best by having fun. At Goody Caddy, LLC, we offer crafts and supplies necessary to help children appreciate subjects they dislike or do not understand. By providing children with educational items that they can enjoy playing with, we can spark in them an interest for the arts, sciences, and other areas. This helps open up options and create paths for children on their journey to academic success.

Level Up and Party!

Through our goody bags, your child’s birthday celebration will be taken to another level. It will be a party where you can inspire a future scientist, mathematician, or artist. You’ll never know how far a child can go once you instill in them a love for learning at an early age.

Let’s Learn and Have Fun Together

Purchase our goody bags today! We offer our products to parents nationwide. If you are a teacher, feel free to send us your feedback or suggest crafts you would like to have in your classroom. We can’t wait to hear from you!